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Teachers Summer Educational Exchange at Dayton for English Language Teachers

Prepares teachers to expand their competencies through hands-on training, skills development, and reflection. The two-week intensive program every July offers:

• Reading and Discussion Seminars
• Methodology Workshops
• Training of Trainer course

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Certificate Program)

The UDEL TEFL Certificate program is an immersive training program, enabling ELT professionals in Latin America gain certification in the instruction of English as a foreign language.

The 160-hour program combines a blended format with a series of in-person and online course modules and observations. Study builds on teachers' classroom experience and education through reflective practice within a community of learners to develop teaching excellence.

With multiple entry points, flexibility of access, and faculty support from one of the top-tier research universities in the US, the UDEL TEFL Certificate is the next step for teachers to further their professional goals.

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Graduate Certificate Program)

Teachers with Bachelor’s degrees can also gain a graduate certificate in TESOL through UD. The focus of the program is on teaching English as an additional language in K–12 schools, language institutes, and adult education settings around the world.

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